“Christ the Babe is Lord of All!”

InfntHlyChrstChldLord “For to you is born this day, in the City of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!”

Merry Christmas! With a gentle birth in a silent night, followed by those words from an angel chorus, the world was forever changed.

For a Christmas devotional, Milksheds is very honored to welcome a guest blogger, Whitney Tilley. Whitney has caught the attention of many with her wonderful, faith-filled Facebook posts. She has an uncanny nack for capturing everyday moments of farm life and turning them into profound faith lessons.

To set the stage, Whitney’s devotional begins with her writing about her husband Travis and something all of agriculture is familiar with – attendance at winter meetings of our favorite agriculture organizations. Then, that everyday event is compared to something magical . . .

“These past couple of weeks I have laughed at Travis as he transforms from farmer to businessman and back to farmer. I tease him that his dry cleaning bill is higher than a banker’s. Although he is quite the handsome gentleman decked out in all of his clothes, he looks much more at ease in his jeans.

It is necessary for him to dress the part, and sometimes that means a farmer has to get out of the field. It is important for him to take an active part in all of the things that affect agriculture. Whether it’s conferences to learn new ideas, or staying on top of the earthly laws that affect our livelihood, he has always felt it is his responsibility to be active as much as possible in agriculture’s civic affairs. Sometimes, it is almost like he has two identities.

This Christmas season it has been on my heart just how much was at stake when Jesus came to our world. In order to provide us the salvation we needed, it meant Jesus would have to slip off his robe of glory and step into a body of flesh.

He was now one of us.

He left His throne and the realm of heaven to be born into the world He created, to accomplish what no other man could.

What a staggering change of appearance! All of His splendor, His glory so bright there is no need of light, He had now traded for the fragile body of a babe.

No fine silk or linens to touch his tender skin. No exemptions from the trauma of birth. Just a baby wrapped in old rags in a stable in the middle of nowhere.

What a humble start for a King!

Today, after His triumphant victory over life and death of mankind, once again He is clothed in majesty and seated on His throne.”

Whitney and her husband, Travis, and their children, Charli, Cole, Stella, and Silas live in Roane County, TN, with a large cow-calf operation. All of the family is involved with the farm. Travis is a director of the current Valley Farmers Co-op, and will remain a director as Valley soons become AgCentral in a merger with Foothills Co-op.

We hope Whitney joins us again soon. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas!